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Freelance Illustrator
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Freelance Illustrator & Artist

Freelance Illustrator & Artist at your service. My name is Jimm, (Jim) and I am a freelance Illustrator and artist based in Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Formerly, I lived in Wimbledon, London for over 9 years!

I am always on the lookout for my next freelance project. Be it for clients in London, Ampthill, Cornwall, or in the rest of the UK. I frequently travel to London for meetings so it is not an issue for me to meet if you have commissioned me for a project. And let’s not forget Zoom. ( sorry, I know )

I have created a range of artwork for clients, ranging from pencil drawings, and character art to cover work. I also like to work on my own projects when time permits.

Below are some of my illustration skills and services that I can offer.

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Illustration Services

As a freelance Illustrator & Artist, my services can cover a couple of industries. Here are some of my services.

Freelance Illustrator & Artist - Character Artwork

More on character and concept art this way.

Freelance Illustrator & Artist - Artwork for board games

Fiction artwork for your board games.

Freelance Illustrator & Artist - Cover Art

Illustration for books & graphic novels

Freelance Projects & Illustration

Illustration of mechanical pencil

Over the years, as a freelance illustrator & artist, I have had the privilege of being able to work on a range of projects from drawing historical pieces to creating artwork in the board game industry, and being involved in concept art for miniatures. My skills and style lend themselves to darker fantasy and science fiction, mythology, folklore, character work, and narrative pieces.

As a freelance illustrator, I like to talk to my clients, understand a brief, really get down to the bones of what is required, and then… start drawing.

If on a commission basis, I like to create work that excites my clients. If you have a project in mind let us discuss and get the creative juices flowing!

Commission Artist

If you need a freelance illustrator & artist for a project please get in touch. Enquires are free, as are the initial 15 minute phone calls. No questions are too silly or pointless. I would love to hear more about your project and see how I can help.


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