About Me, The Artist!

My name is Jimm ( Jim ) and as with many illustrators or artists, the cliché is much the same. I started drawing when I was very little and ran a biro over my parent’s big white walls – often behind the sofa where I could hide and do it. I was caught out quite early on…

I drew a lot on lined paper too… The lined paper was probably my dad’s.

As the winters passed, circumstances change, locations changed and grey hairs formed. But one thing has stayed largely the same. I draw.

I have worked on various illustration pieces both professionally and for personal satisfaction. When I get the time… I still like to work on my own personal pieces.

What else would you like to know about me? Are you interested in commissioning me for a project or licensing my artwork? Or are you a private collector that would like to buy a certified Giclee print?

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Or perhaps you are happy to read a bit more about my story…

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My Illustration Career & Journey

My illustration ‘career’ started when I was young. Growing up in Cornwall, I was surrounded by a wealth of inspiration that I feel seeded my sometimes overzealous imagination and guided my creativity.

Cornwall was the start of my journey and has made a lasting impression on me both personally and creatively. I still have friends, family, and business associates there to this day.

Living In Looe

Growing up in Looe – Cornwall, I ran a series of small exhibitions with other local artists. These early forays into selling my artwork to collectors were my first memories of exchanging money for art. Albeit, not a lot of money back then.

My artwork was and is still in some of the local shops and galleries. Smugglers for example were a huge inspiration.

Moving to Carlisle – Scottish Border City

After Looe. I then went on to study design taking a module specialising in illustration.

I spent many hours ( when not out with friends ) drawing by the artificial glow of my budget desk lamp. These were some of my earliest experiments with getting into 2D concept art. Played a lot with ink around here too and started to dabble with digital painting!


Moved to London & Networked

After Carlisle, I ultimately ended up in London. Sadly, Illustration work slowed to a near standstill initially. But, I moved to a company where I was given the opportunity to create character artwork for their business. I was given free rein ( within reason ) to work on character concept art and work on creative direction.

Much of this work was for large murals for tradeshows, cover work, concept art, and spot pieces. The medium was both digital and pencil. The style was more for younger, wacky and family audiences.

Drawing London

Say what you will about London. London, as Cornwall did for me when growing up, provided me with a wealth of inspiration! It’s brimming with character and… characters. When living in Wimbledon, I had the ‘honour’ of commuting over the years.

So much so that I’m currently working on a project inspired by commuting. If you would like to hear more about this in the future please feel free to sign up for my newsletter. Although it may be a while before I get this personal project anywhere near to something tangible.

Illustration by Profession

I have worked on various projects commercially, ranging from miniature design in the board gaming industry to general character design, to narrative and historical artwork to science fiction.

In addition to this, I have had the honour to work with creators of reputation for which I am grateful. In addition to commission work, I am also now selling my artwork to individual collectors or business owners.

Some of what I have done… some of what I can do

I have created fully rendered pencil drawings depicting historical scenes from Tudor Britain to Victorian Cornwall.

I have digitally painted horror pieces for graphic novels. I have been commissioned to work on cover pieces for RPG creators. I have worked on private commissions, and I have created concept art for games and miniatures. I have also created pieces of art which are not to the tastes of the mass audiences – and I’m okay with that.

I can also license my ( some of ) artwork for commercial use too.


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Where I am based?

I am currently based in the South East of England in the small town of Ampthill – just North of London in Bedfordshire. I’m happy to offer my services to any paying client wherever they are,  but most of my work comes from Cornwall, London, and the UK.

If you have a question feel free to reach out.


Skills & Services Overview

  • Character Illustration and Figure work ( Pencil, or Digital Painting )
  • Concept Art
  • Cover Illustration / Painting
  • Sketching
  • Idea generation and Creative Direction
  • Historical Illustration
  • Fantasy and Science Fiction Illustration
  • Artwork for Board Games
  • Miniature Design
  • Cover Work
  • Artwork for books and graphics novels



Can I License Artwork?

Yes, certain pieces of my artwork can be purchased on license. Send me a message if you would like to use any of the artwork on this website. ( * Please do not use any of the artwork without my permission )


By default all the artwork is Copyright JD illustration, which is the artist trading name of J Odell. Unless the artwork is stated as being copyrighted to another owner, business of establishment. 

Copyright for certain pieces of artwork can be purchased. The particular terms can be discussed on a project-by-project basis or on specific to certain pieces of artwork.

Selling prints to private collectors

Yes, I sell signed and certified prints proving authenticity prints are created on request for private collectors.

Can I sell my work in galleries, museums, and shops / bookshops?


100 % yes. I’m actively looking for new outlets to sell more of my artwork. If you would like to order certain stocks to place in your shop, gallery or business please send your enquiry here.

Thank you for reading, if you have any further questions get in touch if you would like to take your time to read my blog then feel free to do so.

Jim ( Jimm ) JD Illustration

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