Drawings & Sketches

Sketches & Drawings – My pencil and sketchbook are some of my favoured tools for making speedy observations, getting ideas down on paper, and… just letting my imagination run wild. I love my sketchbook!

A lot of this process is also transferable to my character design. my pencil is often at the fore of getting my work. 

My sketch work is often the precursor to my other work. Be it concept art, board games, cover work or personal pieces. I have picked a handful of drawings to show in this section.

My blog also covers a lot more of my preliminary sketch work.

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Strange Drawings…

Sketches & Drawings - Moorbeast
Headleg - Sketches & Drawings

Drawings & sketches – I wanted to start with some of the stranger drawings first. This shows a bit of speedy thinking and lets my mind wander.

These drawings were created with a mechanical pencil.

Sketches & Drawings | Observation

Sketches & Drawings - Elephant Skull

Observation Study of Elephant Skull

When visiting the Zoological museum in London I was so fascinated with the this odd skull that I felt compelled to draw myself. One out of personl interest and the other … I could inspire something one day. Who knows! This has been features in this blog post too. Drawing from UCL Zoolical museum.

The watchers - pencil drawings

Tinners, Sinners Winners | Freelance Project – a bit of process

Tinners, Sinners & Winners – The History of the Manor of Cosawes 1086 – 2015 was a commission project whereby I had to sketch, conceptual and come up with 3 pieces of Cornish history through the ages.

With working on this commission piece, I wanted to share some of the process here before arriving at the final artwork. This is some of the early ideas stages for the artwork, this was used to discuss the direction of the artwork before committing to the final art. More can be read in this historical drawing section.

Woman Sketch
The watchers

Faces And Characters About Town – Sketches & Drawings

Okay, granted that some of this ‘slight’ hyperbole. These drawings and doodles carried out on the train when going to and throw work in the mornings.


The watchers

Cruel John Coppinger

Cruel John Coppinger is a semi-legend from Cornwall. He was an infamous smuggler and that was said to have washed up on a Cornish shore.

He was Danish and had a brutal reputation. I hope the image conveys some of how much of an unpleasant figure he truly was. If legend is to be believed.

Pencils, graphite.


Sketches & Drawings – Freelance Artist

If you would like to commission me to work on a drawing please get in touch. Other pieces of artwork can also be commissioned or purchased on license – as long as they are outside of a client’s copyright.

Administrative Information for hiring my sketches & drawings services

NDA – After agreeing to a commission and doing the paperwork, I would be more than happy to sign an NDA to keep your project top secret. Although it should be noted that I may charge to sign and scan an NDA ‘outside’ of a project. If you have any additional questions with regards to my skills and services feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Copyright –  needs to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. But I’m more often than not happy to sell the copyright along with the artwork. ( alternatively, you can look at my license details )