Historical Drawings

Freelance Historical Illustration | This page shows some of my historical drawings and illustration. Predominately, I use graphite and mechanical pencils to create my little pieces of history.

Many of the illustrations are inspired by events, places, and sometimes – legend – not strictly history!

Certain pieces of work have been published, used as part of exhibitions or as personal pieces, and… turned into prints.

Below are a selection of historical drawings – and historical fiction.

Some pieces depict Cornish lifestyle of the 16th and 17th Centuries. Ye-olde streets of Edinburgh and other personal pieces and commissions.

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Historical Drawings

The watchers - historical drawing

The Watchers
“Is somebody there?” From every crack and every crevice thieves try to steel his coveted possessions. But what they truly wish to steal can neither be held nor taken. For his most prized possession is hidden from view and can only be spoken. The chest is a mere seconds in terms of prize.

The writer sits in stifling silence. The blank page is illuminated by the candle light, the sound of his pen scratches his page. But, nothing comes. A inky black blot appears from the tip of the quill.

A sound comes from the wall, to his left! His eyes dart to the dark corner. But there is nothing. Another scuff to his right. The door has moved, surely the door moved. But again nothing comes. He resumes looking at the blank page.

Meanwhile, the thieves creep closer to the chest.

Freelance Historical Illustration - Ye Olde Street

Mary King’s Close – Edinburgh

This was a personal piece of artwork I was inspired to draw after my first visit to Edinburgh. I have a blog post written here that goes into greater detail about the story of Mary King’s Close. This was illustrated with graphite and mechanical pencils.

Freelance Historical Illustration | Execution Protest

Execution Protest

This is a historical drawing that I created depicting a protest at the injustice of a man being executed. What crime it is, is a mystery – is he guilty? Is he a hero, a thief?

But outrage is evident, as the executioner is being pelted with rotten veg. There are some characters in the crowd that are also emotionally attached to the unfortunate man.

Freelance Historical Illustration
The Infamous

The watchers

The Prisoner

This piece of artwork was created to feature in a exhibition in Looe in Cornwall. The drawing was inspired by the holding cells in the Old Museum in Looe.

The smuggler had a restless night in his dark damp cell. His fitful sleep was disturbed by the scrabbling rat claws on the hard stone floor.

His sleepless night was compounded further in awaiting his sentence.  At dawn, he’d be shown to the courtroom above.

Prints and post cards available.

Freelance Historical Illustration - Cruel John Coppinger

Cruel John Coppinger

Cruel John Coppinger is an infamous semi-legend from Cornwall. And the word ‘legend’ should not paint pictures of heroism. According to the stories, He was an infamous smuggler and that was said to have washed up on a Cornish shore.

He was Danish, and had a brutal reputation in his short span. More can be read on Cruel John Coppinger on the blog.

I hope the image conveys some of how much of an unpleaseant figure he truly was – If legend is to be believed.

Pencils, graphite.


Freelance Historical Illustration – Live Brief

Cornisih Blow House Historical Drawing
Freelance Historcial Illustration - Cornish Interior
Cornish Dame School Historical Art

Tinners, Sinners Winners | Freelance Project

Tinners, Sinners & Winners – The History of the Manor of Cosawes 1086 – 2015 was a commission project whereby I had to sketch, conceptual and come up with 3 pieces of Cornish history through the ages. I was commissioned to createh these bits or artwork and I had a great time working with these historians.

If you have a book project you need help with here is some information on my book illustration services. I can create artwork for board games too.



Freelance Historical Illustrator – UK

If you would like to commission or hire me to draw a historical piece then please do get in touch. I would be more than happy to offer my freelance illustration services.

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NDA – After agreeing to a commission and doing the paperwork, I would be more than happy to sign an NDA to keep your project top secret. Although it should be noted that I may charge to sign and scan an NDA ‘outside’ of a project. If you have any additional questions with regards to my skills and services feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Copyright –  needs to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. But I’m more often than not happy to sell the copyright along with the artwork. ( alternatively, you can look at my license details )

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