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Undead Artwork

The great shamblers; the smell of putrid flesh wafts from their decaying bodies with every quivering step. My fellow deadite - I draw the walking the dead.

The Undead

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Bloated & Hollow ZOMBIE

Neither living nor the dead, the Zombie shambles through the world in pursuit of human flesh. Dim witted and decaying, their flesh clings to their bones with idle conviction.

a generic zombie design - pencil and photoshop.

zombeye zombie rib bone

Bloated professional zombie before and after

Lady of the lane


The Lady of the lane was inspired by a numerous paranormal tales from my home town in Cornwall for that matter I bet if went into other villages and asked some of the locals I would eventually hear a story of the lady of the Lane story. "An unfortunate soul that met early end in some old street or a rural road."

This illustration was geared toward myths and legends project for an exhibition in Cornwall. Prints and post cards of this work are available on request.

lady of the lane ghost thumb

Gorian for zombie
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