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Character Design; I love to draw faces, people and interesting crowds. The study of the human nature is one of my favourite topics.

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Characters & People Design

Woman tulip mascot

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Just a little practice sketch/character development. 3 /45 hrs pencils + photoshop. wanted to portray a hardened bare knuckle fighter. that's what I image him to be anyway.

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The fighter with scar artwork

The Poet Woman artwork

THE POET - Character Design

A character sketch I found on my hardisk and wanted to colour. A poetic type... stark contrast to the fighter above.

'The Poet'

Pencil & PS
The Poet Female character Sketch

lady face thumb


Tulip - female woman mascot


To tell the truth, I never really came up with a name for her, she was part of postcard design.

She has now become bit of mascot.

Gorian for characters
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