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I draw for myself, personal clients, exhibtions, shops, indie projects and business's and publication. Historical fiction and grit are my main focus points. artwork below.

Pencil Artwork

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Background for game 'find the coin'

The background for a 'quick to complete' point and click game called "Find The Coin". I developed and animated the in game flash using my pencil and Action Script 2.0.

Based on the oldworld interiors you might find around the UK.

Picture : pencil, graphite, paper

Find the coin thumb nail

Game artwork pencil scene for finding the coin

Pencil - the protest

Historical Fiction & Fantasy

For as long as I can remember I have held a pencil… nothing much else pretentious to add. I love detail and I sketch A LOT taking In my surroundings observing characters going about their day. Below are some examples of historical fiction and fantasy.

Executioners, goblins, town houses, looe gaol, dungeons and other nasties will be found here.

Pencils & graphite

executioner thieves in the wall unused piece old tree prisoner

Gorian for pencil work
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