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Myths, legends, fantasy.

I love folklore! I big push for this section came from an exhibtion I held in the summer or 2011 which featured Myths and Legends.

Myths & Legends & Monsters

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Manticore, this is personal piece based on a bestiary from 900 years ago. Monks used to write of a beast from Middle Eastern regions." A red bodied lion and with a human head. The creature could strike with a venomous sting." Please note, that was not an exact quotation.

I wanted to do my own rendition of a red bodied lion with a human face. I wanted to carry that human element into it's arms too. I think the mane looks like a mans hair style from 1981. Pencil, markers, PS This could be my last piece for a little while as I'm going to crack on with bigger projects again.

White Rabbit

Based on folklore in Cornwall. Don't follow this ill omen. Should you be walking home from the back of west looe hill and come upon this moonlit creature - do no follow. Follow its path and your misfortunes will begin! -- Reading this, inspired me to draw The White Rabbit with piercing pink eyes. Available as a postcard and print

Manticore White Rabbit


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