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This site has been re-launched to focus on my illustration work, games and animation of personal and a commercial nature. Of course, I have not added every single project to website, otherwise there would be no surprises in life! if you like surprises please follow me on twitter (shameless plug... and very, very cheesy ) or read my blog. I like think that i'm not just selling my art; I'm selling my skills, experience... and craft.

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember I have doodled monsters! I have sold prints, worked on commissions, worked with private clients, animations, games, conceptualization, characters, cartoons, websites, brands, small publications and many more. I can use a mixed range of media to achieve different results, but stylistically my artwork is the same.

Skills, Software and Methods
Historical : detailed illustration work depicting the harder times in history. I have drawn historical battle scenes, markets, dungeons, cottages for publication.
Colour renderings in photoshop : Full painterly renders. (please email for more information)

Brainstorming : conceptual thinking and working in small teams
Narrative illustration : telling a detailed story through my artwork
Animation and storytelling : story boarding and animating in flash
Character design : Developing rich and engaging characters for brand building and publication - make your identity memorable!
Multimedia : studying both multimedia (BA) and graphic design (HND) at University (Cumbria Institute of the Arts) I specialised in illustration, design and flash animation.
Programs of note : Photoshop, illustrator, flash - including knowledge of Actionscript
Ultimate tool : ... My pencils!

FAQ... General
I'm available for hire in and out of the UK, for illustration and animation work or any other multimedia projects. If you would like to work togther please get in touch but please consider, I cannot afford to work for free and in buying my service and craft you will also be buying my time!

Cheers, chat soon.

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Gorian by jim odell
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