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Here are just a few samples of my freelance work, ranging from private collections to online advertsing and much more.

All projects on this page are commercial projects and are copyrighted to the respective owners.


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Freelance (& Perm) Illustration Work & Commissions

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Satzuma Artwork and Animation

Satzuma is a fun gadget company with a solid brand awareness. All artwork is copyright Satzuma and cannot, and should not be; copied, sold or distributed.
Illustrated by me, copyright Satzuma LTD

For Satzuma I have produced numerous pieces of imagery and illustration be it for: marketing purposes, conceptualization, animation, online, offline or just to add that additional layer to the brand.

Featuring Satzuma and the gadget factory, In order : Satzuma twitter button – goo furnace – wall ooze – Satzuma Man positions and concept, rat, marketing art work for exhibitions and presentations, typography and the gadget factory –
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Satzuma twitter button goo orange seep orange man Satzuma Rat production of the gadget factory chapter pages

Orange twitter bird

Pencil work for cambridge history journal

Pencil Work (& Marker)

For as long as I can remember, I have held a pencil… nothing much else pretentious to add. I love detail and I draw a lot. My drawings have featured in publications, preproduction, and for private collectors and galleries.

My focus is on edgy fantasy and historical fiction. I also love to draw modern lifestyle and people with a strong emphasis on larger than life characters. Faces, clothes, position are all things I consider when an image needs to tell a story.

Cambridge History Journal Character trumps
Private commission of a dog illustration
Martin Eddy

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Cambridge trumps King Charles Spaniel Martin Eddy


teg cupid

TEG, DT Productions

Misc Other Projects, I have worked on illustration projects for TEG ranging from smiling ladies and cheery couriers to artwork for a 3 part mail campaigns - and the illustrated logo on the left.

Dirttrack Productions Here are a select few images from an indie cowboy/sci-fi, undead villain and the main character – the protagonist.

logo thumnail zombie cowboy zombie

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