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Thank you for coming to my website, please take to time to view my artwork and make the blue imp happier! I have worked for professional companies, private collectors and myself. My work covers: horror, gristle, edginess, humour, darkness, fantasy, lifestyle, animation and a whole lot more. I take pride in drawing characters that tell and story and set a scene.

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The Perilous Road

Being a passionate illustrator and freelance artist I like create work that tells story and offers something memorable for the person looking at the piece. I like my to not only to capture the essence of story, a situation or scenario but to pulls the viewer into the world and assume the role of a s person inside the image. I am fascinated with what some might call seemingly pointless details, but as the saying goes the Devil is in the detail as the saying goes.


My artwork covers fantasy, horror and life style with a focus on capturing the mood and the general essence of the people and how they respond act and feel – in my artwork they are my actors for me to position and direct.

If you are looking for artwork to cover a book of your story, concept work for character, pencil illustration or spot pieces for a game I am more than happy to offer my freelance skills and experience.

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