JD Seal Demons and Monsters


Sadness, anger, envy and power are all embodied in my reditions of hellish monsters and demons. I love to draw body horror with fanatical detail passion.

Demons & Monsters

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I like to approach my more genuine horror with a touch or realism - hense the use of skin tones, what was once familar is no longer!

Fat Demon a ravaging fat man with an unquenchable hunger for flesh, pencil and PS .

Minion - this tormented beast stumbles blindly on its severed limbs. The dull moans of woe can be heard behind the fleshy membrane covering its face.

Madhand - One of the oldest pieces of my artwork, the Madhand is neither living or dead. The beast is a bastard creation of flesh and sinew melded togther to form a quaking blob of disgust.

Bloated monster with claws Monster the minion madhand Hellbreed fish

Fat monster

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