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I can take a playful and light hearted approach to suit a brief. Be it for publication, games, products or small businesses.

Cartooning & Illustration

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Madcat's Cartoon's

Inspired heavy by cat breeders in the family these creatures have been featured in galleries in Cumbria and Cornwall.

Golemn – A cat inspired by the Selkirk Rex, note the skinny body.
Madkat logo
Smokey Kitten
– little orange eyed kitten.
Scratchy Ginger Cat – Cleary how a dopy cat wants to be held.

golumn the cat thumb nail Madkat logo cat eye cat nose cartoon

Selkirk Rex cat cartoon - Golumn

Blossom Tree - E-learning Game BG's

Blossom tree was an E-learning game that I designed, coded and animated on my multimedia course. As a character, you explore one of either two paths to find your lost friend. Throughout your journey you will need to ask a series of questions to progress to the next stage.

play the game>>

The grassy field castle woods dungeon logs


orange twitter button design


Not strictly for children, but it's fun cartooning/illustration for a gadget company. - twitter button design

Satzuma >>

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